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 Welcome to my website!

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Thanks for stopping by!

The Trio - September 10, 2015

After a few years of relocation, and getting into something different, I am happy to report that I am now getting to the heart of what I am about.

I love movie music. Not only that, but a lot of it :)

Just went into the studio to record 6 new tracks with my new trio bandmates, Blake Miester and Leland Nokamura...

We are releasing one video about every ten days. Up now? Belle from Beauty and the Beast...and Theme from ET, from...ET!

We now live in an era of video. So instead of just tracking audio....I setup a 6 camera shoot plus audio. Yes editing takes longer....but you might agree the results are worth it!

Theme from ET
Lush Life
Easy Walker
My Foolish Heart
Incompatibilidad De Genios

All will be released as free downloads...with a donation model. That's right. Donation. Is this meaningful to you? You can take it for free, no questions asked. But please note: thousands of dollars and many hours were spent in the preparation of this.

Suggested donation when it's all released? $1 per track. Paypal link will be posted if you wish to help us make more of this music.

Nothing comes from nothing. Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit.

If you like what I am doing here, show me:)

For now, please enjoy this:


New Navy Band CD - October 27, 2013

The NavyBand Commodores have just recently released their newest CD, "By Sea, By Air, By Land". I am excited that I composed and arranged the title track! I will post it to the MP3 section soon.

I wrote this piece in honor of the US Navy Seals, and it is the first time I composed something with a "movie storyboard" approach. It is a musical representation of a complete Seal Mission.

For more Navyband music, and info, please visit them at


New Pictures - May 2, 2011

Hi Everyone,

I added some new pictures, I found some shots of me "prenavy", when I was playing with Ken Navarro. Those are some great memories for me!

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