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Almost any recording work can be done remotely in today's technological climate. This fact, combined with Dan's extremely competitive rates and wide skill set means an awesome product for his clients regardless of location. Rates vary depending on the nature of the work and the work-time required. Many projects can be completed with a very short turnaround time, sometimes as little as 1 or 2 days. Contact Dan directly to discuss specific rates for your project!

Dan runs his own professional home studio, and regularly works on a myriad of different projects, including but not limited to: 

  • helping a songwriter flesh out an arrangement 

  • playing instrumental parts remotely for an artist's recording 

  • writing notated music charts




Software: MOTU Digital Performer 11 on a 2022 Apple M1, maxed out with memory and speed.


Hundreds of plug ins, notably: 

  • Spectrasonics Trilian and Keyscape and Omnisphere

  • Kontakt Komplete 10

  • Superior Drummer 

  • MakeMusic’s Finale 27

  • Universal Audio Apollo A/D Interface with many UAD processing plug ins for mixing and editing and input processing



  • Yamaha Avant Grand

  • Yamaha YC88

  • Arturia PolyBrute

  • Ibanez Pia Electric

  • Paul Beard Dobro

  • Takamine Nylon String Guitar

  • Takamine Steel String Guitar

  • Godin 4 string fretless

  • Strandberg 5 String Bass

  • GFI 10 string Pedal Steel ( E9 )

 Mics include:

  • Neumann U87 Ai ( through Hardware Avalon 737Sp)

  • Neumann TLM103

  • Shure SM7B



Dan does all notation work in Makemusic Finale 27, and is able to create: 

  • Lead sheets

  • Complex piano/vocal charts and scores 

  • Full-blown orchestral scores 

  • Transcriptions

  • Copy work

  • Clean-up and editing

  • And more!  


The Dan Lamaestra Trio - "Meditations"

(Leader, producer, composer, arranger, pianist)

Dan Lamaestra and One Step Up - "Just a Thought"
(Leader, producer, arranger, pianist)
The US Navy Band Commodores Jazz Ensemble - "Directions"
(Pianist, organ, arranger, writer )
The US Navy Band Commodores Jazz Ensemble - "Three Shades of Blue"
(Pianist, arranger, writer)
Geoff Robson - " Days of The Last Crusade" 
(Producer, Arranger, Played and Programmed Musical Parts, Recording and Mixing Engineer)
Angela Knight - "Giubileo"

(Producer, Arranger, Played and Programmed Musical Parts, Recording and Mixing Engineer)
Geoff Robson - "Lest We Forget" - 2 song EP
(Arranger, engineer, piano, guitars, dobro, synths, graphic design)
Sarah Croker - "Meet The Day"
(Guitars, keyboard, dobro, vocals, writer, arranger)
Patty Mckay - "The Brightest Star", "This Is New"
(Pianist, arranger, music director)
Uptown VJQ - "Half-Past Swing"
Ken Navarro - "Island Life”, “Old Friends”, and “Slow Dance”
(keyboards, synth programming and arranging)
Jim Adkins - "Turning Point"
(keyboards, synth programming and arranging)
Randy Villars - "Every Moment"
(keyboards, synth programming and writer of "Open Road")
Rob Holmes - "Turnstyles"
(writer, arranger, keyboards, synths, graphic design)
Kathy Lyon - "Live at the Tom-Kat Night Club", "Here's to Life"
(arranger, pianist)
Doug Segree - "Turn"
Nia Olabesi - “Live at Blues Alley”, “Live at the Lyceum”, “The Lady Sings Jazz”, and "The Essence of Me"
(Pianist, arranger, music director, and engineer on "The Essence of Me")

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