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The Dan Lamaestra Trio is a formidable group of jazz musicians made up of percussionist Leland Nokamura, bassist Blake Meister, and pianist/composer/arranger Dan Lamaestra. Their upcoming debut album, Meditations, will feature stirring originals and brand new takes on music for the classic jazz piano trio. 

Last year the trio completed its first major project: a full musical analysis and "re-imagined" arrangement of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto #2, First Movement, for jazz trio; an effort that took nearly a year to complete. Dan's goal was to take the complex orchestral piece and find "the most musically satisfying way" to "convey the feeling and scope of the music with just piano, bass, and drums."


Meditations will be released in mid-July 2017, and will be accompanied by HD music videos and a book of sheet music.


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